Feng Shui
Consultants Training
with Hope Karan Gerecht
Education Retreat in Columbia, Maryland
The natural science of Feng Shui has developed over the past 5000 years, and
is the perfect inner journey map for understanding who you are on a deep
soul level, along with the many facets of your optimal journey in this lifetime.


Become a Feng Shui Consultant & add the insights provided by Feng Shui to your own work, or begin a new business consulting in Feng Shui and Asian Astrology.
During this in depth study, you will visit Feng Shui projects and work with attendees floor plans to deeply learn the practical application of this Asian art of manifesting greater health, happiness, prosperity, and love.
You will also receive:
  • Reference Books
  • Compass
  • Feng Shui Remedies
  • Simplified Consultation Guide
  • Ongoing mentorship via phone, skype, or email.
This Feng Shui immersion
is completed by attending
these 4 intensives in person:
November 2, 3, 4, & 5.

  • Class 1: Nov. 2nd, delves deeply into teaching chart reading by studying the charts of everyone in the Feng Shui training.
  • Class 2: Nov. 3rd, dives deeply into the Feng Shui of the home.
  • Class 3: Nov. 4th, we practice bridging the Feng Shui of the home to support the inhabitants.
  • Class 4: Nov. 5th, we refine your skills through practice while adding additional metaphysical teachings
This class will be held in 2 on-site locations near Columbia and Baltimore.  We will also go over some of the floor plans of attendees.
This course is beneficial even if you only use it for yourself, friends, and family. Feng Shui works to widen and deepen our connection in life.
“Since studying with Hope in her first Apprenticeship in 1998/99, I have recovered my training investment many times over, and practicing Feng Shui has also brought a beautiful yin/yang balance to my professional life, as well as my personal life. Our classes were such a joy. I’d do it all over again!”
— Cindy Miller
About Hope
Hope Karan Gerecht brings more than 30 years of study, research and experience with the insightful art of Feng Shui. She teaches ancient systems which reveal one’s personalized “energetic fingerprint” to create design from the inside out in a co-creative manner. This creates fascinating forward momentum to the manifest world aspects in order to support one’s individual soul and spirit.
Hope Karan studied Interior Design and at the same time discovered Feng Shui — seeing it as her true calling. She has has consulted worldwide on more than 5,000 projects and has taught over than 130 people the practice of Feng Shui. Her committed research of the art included studies with a Tibetan Feng Shui master and three additional Feng Shui masters. Hope calls upon many ancient approaches to create sacred surroundings and support the Soul and vibrant life of each inhabitant.
Hope is the author of the book, “Healing Design; Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living,” which has sold out 2 printings, still available on Amazon.

“My teaching, writing, & consulting focuses on the spirit behind matter for optimum health of body, mind and soul; bridging your physical world to your highest aspirations.”
~ Hope Karan Gerecht

Contact Hope for more information,
to register for the training, or for a consultation.
Course payment plan and/or partial barter options available.

Hope Karan Gerecht

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